Rival Economy Finishes

Redshaw Paint Supply is proud to announce that we are the only area seller of Axalta's new Rival Transportation finish line. This system is designed to deliver the perfect mix of value and price for commercial refinishers.

The Rival system is ideal for dealers, fleet shops and anyone in the transportation market that want an economy minded finish with good overall quality. Rival is a complete finish system from an easy sanding urethane primer, to a high gloss clear designed just for this system. It is a single stage topcoat finish that is available in thousands of solid and metallic colors from the Commercial Finishes lines. This product will become a good option for commercial and service bodies, trucks, trailers and overall refinishing applications. It can also be used with any other Axalta transportation undercoat or with the new RV450 Epoxy and RV400 Urethane Rival Primers and RV500 Clearcoat to make a complete refinishing system.

RV450 is a direct-to-metal non-sanding epoxy primer-sealer that gives the user maximum adhesion and good corrosion resistance. It gives a good base for any repair or new finish in an economically minded fleet setting. RV400 is a new 2k fast drying and easy to sand urethane primer-filler designed for good filling in almost all conditions to let a shop make a nearly perfect repair.

Another new product in this line is RV500 Clearcoat that gives a economy option for commercial transportation market. It is designed to deliver a high-performance and very durable high gloss finish. Both of the RV400 Primer and RV500 Clearcoat use the same activator as the Rival Topcoat to keep things streamlined.

We'd be happy to provide you with any more information you may need. Feel free to let us know or speak with your salesman.


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