Another Look Into Duncan Aviation

Back in October of 2015 Duncan Aviation had just completed one of their wildest projects to date. The plane is a Gulfstream GV and it will probably keep the title for the most original livery for the foreseeable future. It was done in Duncan's facility in Battle Creek, MI as a one off paint job for Metropolitan Aviation to be an absolutely one of a kind charter jet. Duncan Aviation worked with the owner's own designers on the livery and color scheme, and they created one of the most complex jobs that Duncan Aviation had ever done.

This jet was painted with Axalta's Chromalusion Perfect Jade true color shifting paint for most of the plane. It was painted almost entirely in a black basecoat first and then the Chromalusion was applied with the rest of the striping and livery. There are over 100 gallons of color on the airplane, and over 3000 hours in the masking, striping and application. This combination has led to what will probably be one of the most noticeable jets that anyone will ever see.


To see a truly amazing time lapse video of the start to finish paint job is below.


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