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Custom Restored Rambler

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We sometimes get the chance to see a finished project from our customers. Today was a day when we were able to see the end result of a restoration one of our happy customers has done. You don't see a 50s Rambler in its original colors.

Is collision repair essential?

At a time like this many people are asking, "am I essential?" regarding their business. Truly, that question is an incredibly valid one to ask yourself when all around the country entire communities are locking down to slow down the spread of COVID-19. And frankly everyone is right to ask themselves and determine how they…
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March 20, 2020   Here at Redshaw Paint Supply we are concerned with the COVID-19 situation, this is a truly unique and worldwide emergency. The health and safety of our employees, customers and community are our primary focus. As this situation evolves we are following updates in guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and…
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Our new Cromax EZ Basecoat

Axalta is releasing a new waterborne basecoat system that is easy to run and acts closer to a drop in replacement for solvent systems. This is a system we are excited to get out in the field and see how well it works. To get an idea of the ease of use and how well…
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