Disco Automotive Hardware


We are now stocking Disco Automotive's Top 200 parts and have access to their entire catalog of fasteners. Their available parts are extensive to say the least. Covering countless years, makes and models worth of fasteners and attachment hardware their catalog is an excellent cache of information for anyone in the industry.

If you use almost any other brand of fastener there are several resources to crossover into Disco part numbers. If you have an OEM, Auveco, CarPak or W&E part number Disco's own website offers a useful crossover tool that you can use anytime. CLICK HERE. Alternatively you can CLICK HERE to view their full line catalog online.

For other clip and fastener manufacturers please contact your representative and there should be a crossover from that part. Let your representative know if there is anything we can help you with in Disco's line. Below is a copy of their Top 200 chart, our sales representatives can provide you with the poster if you like.




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