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Our new Cromax EZ Basecoat

Axalta is releasing a new waterborne basecoat system that is easy to run and acts closer to a drop in replacement for solvent systems. This is a system we are excited to get out in the field and see how well it works. To get an idea of the ease of use and how well…
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I-CAR 2017

For 2017 we working with ICAR instructors to put together a resource for their classes. Below we have four videos covering several topics for this year including Adhesive Metal Bonding, Bumper Structure Repair and Weld Bonding.  
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H&S Autoshot Dent Repair Station

If you are in the market for an Aluminum Dent Repair station check out this video on H&S Autoshot's 9850 system that covers Aluminum, Steel and PDR work. This unit could be a good fit to cover several jobs in the shop all with one piece of equipment. If you think this would be a…
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